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Book One: Blue MoonBook Two: Light of DawnBook Three: Strange Brew
Book Four: Fallen HeartsBook Five: The Final CallingBook Six: Hunter's Moon
Book Seven: Fated FortunesComing SoonComing Soon

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Angela Colsin is an indie author who loves the paranormal and sci-fi genres, and considers herself a sucker for romance. Born and raised in the southern US where she now resides, writing has been a passion since a very young age. If she's not writing and plotting out stories, she's either playing video games with friends, or reading.

Her paranormal romance series, The Crucible, is ongoing with several stories planned. So please feel free to browse the site and learn more about the series, books, and the latest updates on the projects at hand!

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Hunter's Moon Now Available!
Hunter's Moon Excerpt
The Final Calling Now Available!
The Final Calling Excerpt

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