Ever wonder why Cade keeps a beard? Where Chandra likes to shop? Or maybe you'd like to ask Isaac for dating advice? All characters are available for questioning, so don’t hold back! In fact, the better the question, the more likely you are to win a free ebook!

Just follow the guidelines below:

1. You must be 18 years of age or older and understand that this is for entertainment purposes only! Read the Terms & Conditions for more information!
2. All questions regarding unacceptable topics will be ignored.
3. If your question is for any character to answer, simply specify "Anyone" in the character box.
4. Answers will be posted on my blog and some social media accounts.
5. Winners will be notified within a few days of sending in a submission.
6. To win, a valid email address must be provided with your submission. Submissions sent with no email address will not be considered for the giveaway.
7. Have fun! :D

For any questions or concerns regarding this giveaway, please use the contact form found here, or check the Terms & Conditions below.

By clicking the Submit button, you declare that you are 18 years of age or older, and agree to the Terms & Conditions specified below.

Ask a Character Giveaway Terms & Conditions

This giveaway is independently administrated by www.angelacolsin.com. To qualify, participants must be 18 years of age or older and provide a valid email address with their submission. Any submissions that do not provide a valid email address will forfeit participation in the giveaway and eligibility to win. No purchase is necessary to enter. Winners will be selected at random by www.angelacolsin.com on the grounds of creativity in the participant's query. Upon selection, winners will be notified via email address provided with their submission and asked to make a selection of the prizes available.

Official prizes encompassed by this giveaway include all currently published ebooks in The Crucible Series by Angela Colsin with the exception of The Crucible Series Box Set. Prizes will be awarded via coupon code obtained from Smashwords, Inc. and transmitted through email. Smashwords, Inc. is not affiliated with this giveaway, website, or in any way responsible for providing free ebook(s) to winning participants. Each winner must obtain their free ebook from the appropriate URLs provided once the winner's book of choice has been selected. Monetary equivalents of ebook winnings will not be provided in place of the free ebook(s) under any circumstances.

Any information provided with submissions will only ever be used in relation to this giveaway. Names and questions will be listed on varying social media accounts with the answers to each question provided. No email addresses provided will ever be shared with or sold to any third parties or used for any purpose other than communication/notification of winnings.

This giveaway is for entertainment purposes only. Under no circumstance are any answers given in response to questions submitted via this form intended to provide serious, legitimate, reasonable, and/or practical advice or guidance. www.angelacolsin.com is in no way responsible for any participant's application of advice provided by answers in personal affairs, or the results of such application. www.angelacolsin.com reserves the right to disqualify and ignore any and all submissions asking questions deemed inappropriate without offering prior warning or notification for the disqualification.

By clicking the submit button on the form above, participants agree to the terms and conditions detailed here and declare that they are of legal age to participate. For any questions or concerns regarding this giveaway, please use the contact form.

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