I’ve been writing since I was about nine years old when my brother had to borrow a type writer for a project in school. My mother saw how much I liked to use it, and so my birthday gift when I was eleven was a typewriter of my very own (this being before the days of home computers and fancy digital ipads and whatnot). I was ecstatic, and it was hard for me to get off of the device. Knowing I needed something to write if I wanted to use it, I started coming up with ideas for stories to tell, and my desire to become an author only grew stronger over the years.

Now, I’ve self published my paranormal romance series, The Crucible, and there's no foreseeable end to it in sight. I love writing these stories, and hope to be able to go on for quite some time!

As for me, I’m honestly not a very exciting person, I just have a vivid imagination that sometimes gets carried away! I love fantasy genres, supernatural settings, mythical creatures, and I’m a sucker for romance. So that’s mostly what I end up writing about!

I need to leave this here saying how much I appreciate all of my followers and readers who’ve given me feedback and support! It means so much, and a lot of times I don’t know what to say to properly articulate my gratitude. But I think the best way to put it here is “You’re all extremely awesome! Thank you so much!” :D

I'm a stalwart supporter of anyone interested in starting their own writing projects, and I've written various articles on my blog focusing on the endeavor. If you'd like to browse some of these topics, feel free to take a look at the following:

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