This is a list of terms and phrases encountered on a more frequent basis in The Crucible Series. Some terms/definitions will be edited and/or added as more information is revealed!

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Alpha: The leader of any pack of creatures. Can be either male or female.

Aeonic Well: A mystical well located in Mystikkar that powers a mage's spells and magic. This well is said to be a divine construct gifted to Mystikkar by the God of Magic, Velias.

Arcane Assembly: The Order of mages.

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Blood Link: A connection vampires sometimes sense in living beings that informs them an individual would have a special relation if turned.

Black Stone: A cursed stone native to the realm of Ithelyon that is highly poisonous to draconians, though they consider the stone to be sacred.

Bonding: This term takes on various meanings depending upon the race involved, but usually refers to the process in which mates mystically bond together for life. Typically, once the bond is established, it cannot be undone, though there are rumors of magic which can eradicate this connection between two people.

Born Witch: A term used to describe any human witch born with a natural connection to the mystical world. These humans can usually see through The Veil from a young age with no prior knowledge of the existence of supernatural beings.

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City of Magic: A moniker for Mystikkar, the city where mages reside, learn, and practice their magic.

Cordivus: An archaic token used to refer to one of two things; either a person chosen as a vessel to carry the essence of a deity, or a deity who's taken physical form. It's unclear if the word was originally meant to refer to both definitions, or just one.

Coven: A group of witches who practice magic together on a regular basis. Many covens have differing ethics and standards, but must adhere to The Esbat's standards of practicing The Craft, e.g., ritual sacrifice is prohibited unless the sacrifice is willing.

(The) Craft: What most witches and warlocks say to refer to their personal work ethics in the magic arts. It is also referred to as their Craft.

(The) Crucible: An Order established to regulate the existence and causes of supernatural races residing in the mortal realms, under the influence of and in accordance with the Pantheon. Their main focus is the protection of mortals, and there are many Orders belonging to several races working beneath them. The main body of the Order is comprised of a warrior race known as Divinians.

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Daywalker: A human who has exchanged blood with a vampire, but still possesses life, allowing them to walk in the daylight. These humans have a telepathic bond with their sire, and are often under that vampire's control, though this control can be relinquished when it takes a certain amount of effort for the vampire to exert. This is also the first step taken in creating new vampires, though humans left at this stage will eventually transform into ghouls.

Divinity: What most supernatural races call heaven.

Dragon's Brood: The Order of Draconians.

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(The) Esbat: The Order of witches and warlocks.

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Familiar: A creature that a magic caster has found a particular connection to and helps to focus their energy, making it more potent.

Ferine: A werewolf. This is also the term they use to describe their alternate form.

(The) Final Calling (alt. The Calling): A grand scavenger hunt apprentice mages undertake to gather the necessary items to craft their staff and gain eternal life. Items are located through visions and signs, and mages have a limited amount of magical power to use during their quest. If their magic is depleted, the chances of accomplishing the Calling are significantly diminished.

Fissure: A pocket of space existing between the fabric separating realms that is self-contained as a world all its own. Some fissures possess naturally formed portals allowing travel to and from other realms, while others are completely cut off and can only be accessed using magic.

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Hazing: A mystical method of locating items or places by using something personal of the owner's, such as hair or blood.

Hunter's Moon: The Order of Lupines.

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Immortal: Many races possess eternal life, and most immortals are considered to be closer to “perfection”, with heightened senses, strength, speed, agility, and regeneration. Yet, not all of these attributes apply to every immortal race. For example, a fae's strength is outmatched by a draconian's, but they possess more speed. An immortal's age can also be a determining factor of ability in some cases. Despite possessing eternal life and youth, however, immortals can still be killed, but the methods differ from race to race.

Ithelyon: A sister realm to Terra with similar climates and landscapes. Minor difference exist in the length of the year, as well as the change of the seasons, and Ithelyon is a world of magical technology, not scientific. Several races hail from this world, including draconians, elves, and gnomes.

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Limbo: A plane of Earth where spirits reside, including ghosts of the dead.

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Mage: A magic practitioner who has studied in the City of Magic, and may have a specific magic profession (i.e. Wizard, Sorceress, Magician). Unlike witches, who draw their energy from the world around them, these practitioners seem to have an internal source fueling their abilities.

Magistrate: The title given to a vampire in charge of a faction. Most factions have more than one leading them, though only a few are tasked with reporting the faction's affairs to The Crucible.

Matriarch: The title of the werewolf in charge of a clan.

(The) Mystic Market: A market industry dedicated to the buying and selling of magical and enchanted items, many of which are obscure. Such markets are normally found in a Spire.

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Newborn (Wolf): A newly turned lupine.

Nightfall: The newly established Order of Vampires.

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Order: A group governing specific supernatural races, all of which operate under The Crucible's jurisdiction. Some of these include Hunter's Moon, and Dragon's Brood.

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Pack Hunt: A hunt held by lupines under the full moon to teach their young how to survive as a wolf. These hunts are also used to seek out a mate.

(The) Pantheon: The gods and goddesses of a collective people and/or religion.

Peros: The God of Darkness and creator of the Perosians, who are now considered demons after their God's purported fall from Divinity.

Plane(s): Any given realm usually has differing planes of existence, e.g., Limbo is a plane of existence in the realm of Earth.

Portal: Mystical doorways to different realms are usually referred to as portals. Some are temporary, created by mages for travel to specific destinations, and others are self sustaining either due to the presence of an enchanted object, or a natural occurring phenomenon. Once a self sustained portal is discovered, it is investigated by The Crucible to assess potential danger, and then shut down or monitored for activity depending upon the place it connects with.

Portal Sphere: A sphere enchanted to open a portal to a preset realm. Taking these spheres to the realm they connect with will cancel their magic and make a new enchantment necessary.

Portal Stone: A stone enchanted to open a portal to a preset realm. These stones have limited charges, but unlike the spheres, stones may be taken with the user to their destination without canceling their magic.

Practitioner: Any being who practices the magical arts, regardless of race, sex, age, or skill. This includes humans with no prior knowledge of the existence of supernaturals.

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Realm(s): There are many worlds existing outside of the mortal realm, most of which can only be reached through a portal. Some of these realms are dangerous and/or inhospitable, and travel to and from these places is closely monitored by The Crucible.

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(Turning) Savage: A phrase used to refer to the process in which unmated werewolves begin losing their humanity. This usually starts when a werewolf is closing in on their two hundredth century of life.

Second: Sometimes called a Beta, “Second” is meant to refer to an Alpha's “Second in Command”. Not all packs possess one.

Skyriders: A militant draconian organization the raises and flies drakes in defense of their cities and territories. They also do work for outside parties if the price is right.

Spire: A supernatural sanctuary/embassy in the mortal world erected by The Crucible. There's one found in nearly every major city, and most Spires look like typical office buildings in order to blend in with the surrounding environment. Mystical beings of all types visit Spires for varying purposes, and violence is not permitted within the building on pain of death.
These structures also serve as the meeting places of the various Orders governing differing races to conduct their activities, including The Crucible.

Spire Shard: A small shard of any building housing a Spire, enchanted to teleport a user to the same Spire the fragment came from. These shards can only be acquired from a Spire, and are only good for one use. Once the charge is depleted, they must be returned to the Spire for a recharge.

Supenat(s): See Supernaturals.

Supernatural(s): Any race of beings other than humans. On the rare occasion, this term is shortened to Supenat(s).

Sutrelle: The seat of the Old Vampire Domain in a historical sense, Sutrelle is also said to be a lost vampiric paradise where sunlight is benign and rivers flow with blood. Most vampires believe Sutrelle to be mythical, though some actively seek it out.

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Terra: Formal name of the mortal world/Earth.

Third Eye: A magician's spell in which a magical orb resembling an eye is summoned. This eye can travel short distances under the magician's control, and whatever it sees and hears, the magician also knows.

Transit Sphere: A sphere enchanted to teleport someone to a preset destination. Unlike transit stones, spheres are not teleported with the user.

Transit Stone: A stone enchanted to teleport someone to a preset destination, and the stone teleports with the user. Most stones have limited charges, but those that don't sacrifice an unlimited teleporting range for power. In order to set the stone's anchor point, a user must first visit the location they wish for their sphere to connect with.

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Udana: The Goddess of Light and creator of Elves, said to be a loving but strict deity.

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(The) Veil (alt. The Shroud): A term used to describe the mystical phenomenon of a mortal's inability to see what they don't believe exists. Examples include the glowing eyes, fangs, and/or pointed ears of any supernatural race. These attributes of a creature either go ignored, or the mortal thinks what they've seen is something else entirely, such as a tattoo or “photo glare”.
The Veil is one of the only means by which many supernatural races can reside in secrecy within the realm of Earth. But once a mortal has been introduced to the supernatural, and believes it exists, the Veil lifts and they begin to see creatures for what they really are.
While a powerful aide to supernaturals in hiding, it is not foolproof, and discretion is consistently utilized by supernaturals around uninformed humans.

Velias: The God of Magic and patron deity of mages.

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Wrath: The altered state of draconians where horns, fangs, and claws are visible, and their markings glow. This state offers them heightened resilience, dexterity, and strength, making the draconian more dangerous.

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